Raspberry Cream Mimosa – new years toast


Its New Years Eve!  Crazy how time flies isnt it?

Debbie and I have been MIA for a week now, not intentionally, but it just happened with everything going on.  We had an amazing Christmas filled with family and friends.  Kevins dad, Harry, sister, Lisa, brother-in-law, Kyle and their 2 yr old daughter, Harper, spent Christmas at our place which was a lot of fun and a LOT of presents under the tree!  For our official dinner we were also joined by Mark and Debbie, my sister, Sam and brother, Matt, Debbies mom (and my grandma) Pat, Marks parents, Moe and Judy, and Kevins aunt and uncle, Hans and Betty.  Full freeking house!   Dinner turned out great thanks to Debbie and Pats help in the kitchen.

We had a wonderful Christmas, but its also nice that the craziness is over…  I still have a weeks holiday from work which is so nice, because I need to clean my house, work out, and get my butt back in gear with this blog.  Debbie and I have a few ideas for the blog in 2015 so hopefully you will hear about those soon.

I will tell you one blog related New Years resolution right now though:  I resolve to start using apostrophes when proper grammar demands it. lol.  I’ll try anyways…

Raspberry Cream Mimosa – new years toast

This cocktail is so freeking good!  And also really easy to serve to a bunch of guests.  Just scoop a dollop of the granita into each glass and fill with sparkling wine or champagne and give it a stir.  Super easy.

What are your New Years plans?

This year Kevin and I might just bring in the new year watching a movie at home.  Kevin’s not feeling so hot today and his throat is pretty sore.  Debbie, the lucky bum, is in Hawaii with Mark.  She’s been beach bumming it and has also been swimming with manta rays!  So awesome!

Happy New Year Everyone!  Make a mimosa toast and kiss your hunny…


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