15 Best Exercises To Reduce Double Chin


Do you have a double chin? Do you feel it is limiting your beauty? Double chin is a common problem, but definitely not untreatable!

15 Best Exercises To Reduce Double Chin

And if you are looking for some simple exercises that can help you get rid of double chin, this post is the right one for you! Go ahead with the read, and get to know of the causes of double chin and the ways to treat it!

Causes Of Double Chin:

As a matter of fact, double chin can be caused by a number of factors. The most common causes are:
  • Genetics
  • Putting on excess flab
  • Ageing
  • Improper dietary habits

Ways To Eliminate Double Chins:

While people with deep pockets opt for advanced surgical procedures like chin liposuction, there are other affordable and effective alternatives. Both men and women can try out some tried and tested chin exercises to get rid of double chin and improve their appearance to a great extent. These exercises neither need much time nor the use of special apparatus. You can try them at home and consistency brings the desired results.

Double Chin Exercises – Top 15:

1. Chin Lifts:
2. Platysma Exercise:
3. Jaw Release:
4. Tilting Head:
5. Tongue Press:
6. Circle Of life:
7. Side Neck Stretch:
8. Pigeon Face:
9. Neck Roll:
10. Sticking Out Tongue:
11. Slapping Chin:
12. Head Lift:
13. Tennis Ball Exercise:
14. Lip To Nose:
15. Chewing Gum Simulation:

This is possibly the simplest exercise to reduce double chin. You can simulate the act of chewing for some minutes. If simulating seems tough, try chewing sugar-free chewing gums every day.

Yoga Exercises To Tackle Double Chin:

Yoga is used by millions of individuals across the world to combat numerous health hazards and mental issues. Certain yoga postures can be used to eliminate facial fat and appearance of double chin. The yoga poses you can try for this are:

Cobra Pose/ Bhujangasana
Bow pose/ Dhanurasana

Points To Keep In Mind:

While trying out the exercises to reduce double chin can help, you need to take other precautions to prevent this condition from recurring. You can do so by taking care of the root causes actually. While you cannot do much about genetics, it is surely possible to adopt an active lifestyle and eat healthy by reducing excess of fats.

Below listed are a few diet and lifestyle tips you can follow for keeping double chin at bay:
  • Evade foods with trans-fat and saturated fats.
  • Switch to eating lean meat and skimmed milk based products.
  • Say no to aerated drinks and drinks with high caffeine content.
  • Try simple exercises like running and swimming that keeps neck and body muscles toned.
You may resort to using herbal extracts and products that have skin firming properties and apply them to the neck and chin regions. Examples include cocoa butter, glycerin and wheat germ oil etc.

Do you know of any other remedies for treating double chin? Share with us in the comments section below!


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