5 Things You Can Do in the Next 24 Hours to Start Your Weight Loss Journey


One of the biggest struggles people have with losing weight is simply just getting started. There is so much diet and weight loss information available it can become quickly overwhelming. What to eat? What not to eat? When to eat? When to exercise? The options are seriously endless. Now combine that with today’s busy lifestyle and I can see why people throw in the towel before even getting past the first day. I understand because I have been there many times.

To successfully lose weight and sustain that weight loss you need to look at the first 24 hours very differently than you have before. For many people – including myself at one time– a typical first day would include a list of extreme changes. Perhaps you would join a gym and exercise for a couple hours. Then, on top of that, you would drastically change your eating habits removing all carbs, sweets, salt, and every other food you love. After a day or two you realize this is not sustainable and you order a pizza and go back to the couch. Yep, I understand.

Of course changing your eating habits and prioritizing exercise needs to happen in order to lose weight but you are not going to change DECADES of eating habits in 1 day. Not going to happen. And if you try to then most likely you will just become frustrated. Changes will come over time as you start to slowly creating sustainable healthier habits.

So, if I shouldn’t work out like a mad woman or throw out all the pasta and ice cream then what should I do in the first 24 hours of my weight loss journey?

Great question. I believe the first 24 hours or so is all about laying the groundwork to start rebuilding your foundation. You want to take this time to really think about and plan out how you will make time and prioritize your healthier lifestyle. Lifestyle changes are the hardest to make and they do not happen “just because”. You need to make them happen by becoming intentional with your actions and planning.


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