9 foods your dietitian won't touch

These days, thanks to the technological powers that be, nutrition education is more accessible than ever — with healthy cooking web shows, food documentaries on Netflix, and smart nutrition podcasts at the click of a button. The information is out there, whether it’s nutrient-packed superfoods you absolutely should be eating (starting tomorrow) or the dire consequences of one too many fast-food lines (when you can avoid them).

But the endless recommendations and guidelines can be hard for any one person to sift through. When it comes down to it, what do dietitians refuse to eat? Which foods do the experts deem too risky to put in their bodies — not just in moderation, but at all?

This kind of information wasn’t available when I was a kid. My parents couldn’t Google food ingredients or contact dietitians via their blogs. They couldn’t click over to YouTube and watch nutritional experts share the latest and greatest science behind gut microbes and amino acids, or learn about the sneaky health busters lurking in grocery stores. They couldn’t send an email saying, “Hey Ms. Nutritionist, with all of your schooling and expertise, what does your daily diet look like?”

And so I reached out to leading nutrition experts for their biggest “no no” foods beyond the standard candy and chips and artificial sweeteners. What do they avoid at all costs, under any circumstances — because they know better?

9 foods your dietitian won't touch

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